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Art of Limitless Living in Real Tme

Today marks one month into a six-month journey around the world. I remember the exact day I began planning this tour. It was a dare to myself create the path and then follow it. Honestly, I have moments where I freak out and wish I was home (or that some of home were here). Then […]

The Art of Limitless Living Preorder Now.

Holding the first copy of The Art of Limitless Living. This book publishes April 16th in print and e-book. Available for Preorder now. Gain proven strategies to create new maps for joy, fulfillment, authenticity, and True Authentic Power. Change the way you create and relate to . . . everything. http://artoflimitlessliving.com/  

London M-Joy ‘Art of Limitless Living’ April 21-22, 2018

The M-Joy™ Teachings~ Heart-centered Holographic System and Language of transformation designed to offer joy, fulfillment, authenticity, integrity, intuition, and True Authentic Power in all facets of life. Based on powerful physics and scientific principles, the M-Joy™ Integrative System and Language of Specialized Fields can provide individuals (and the collective) powerful key codes to unlock stuck patterns that may […]

M-Joy Evolution

Have iPhone will Publish.   M-Joy Evolution~ My first book was written in 2013 (download style) in four days while on solo vacation, entirely on my iPhone. I didn’t know the book was going to happen, so I didn’t have the “proper” computer tools with me to write. What I learned from this life-altering experience […]

M-Joy Teaching In Poland

  For the First Time… M-Joy brings her legendary heart-centered teachings to the country of Poland     Practical Metaphysics for Extraordinary Living       May 19-20, 2018 Warsaw, Poland English and Polish Consecutive Translation     For More Information and to Register Now, Click Here For Event link   See you in Warsaw!

At Peace with the Mystics

          At Peace with the Mystics~ “Universal consciousness includes everything and excludes nothing. It is my experience that everything comes from universal consciousness. Whether we are esoteric, scientific, united, or divided about what universal consciousness actually is, our approach to defining it appears to make little difference to universal consciousness itself. […]

Pointers- Piece of Peace

POINTERS ARE ONLY DESIGNED TO REVEAL UNDISTURBED PEACE ~ “The true nature of reality can be described many different ways: unconditional lightness, undisturbed peace, abiding contentment with what is, love for simply being, etc. Notice that the descriptions are not describing an objective reality that can be philosophized and discussed by way of spiritual thought. […]