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Philadelphia M-Joy (Women) Seminar: April 14-15, 2018 Video Invitation

Philadelphia M-Joy (Women) Seminar. This is an AMAZING time to be women. Come PLAY. Join Melissa Joy Jonsson in Philadelphia for the M-Joy (Women) Seminar April 14-15, 2018. Learn More About M-Joy at http://www.MJoyHeartField.com   Come join other amazing women as together we explore infinite potential, personal power, and everything in relation to…You! Deepen your […]

London Event April 21-22 Video Invitation

London Join Melissa Joy Jonsson in London for the M-Joy Integrative Seminar April 21-22, 2018. Learn More About M-Joy at http://www.MJoyHeartField.com   We already are what we wish to become. Integration is Key to this recognition. Activate True Authentic Power (TAP) from the field of the heart as a catalyst for interactive reality creation, manifestation, […]

The Physics of Field Flow Seminar Footage

The Physics of Field Flow. New video footage just posted today from a live M-Joy seminar. Attend an upcoming M-Joy seminar in San Francisco, San Diego (advanced), Philadelphia, London, and Spain. Subscribe to the M-Joy Channel for automatic notification of new seminar and webinar Free footage. https://youtu.be/jYKBTEZR0iA


Self-Compassion ~ A state of being that transcends the perceived need for comparison and competition with others. Through self-compassion, we are no longer driven to project our sense of lack onto others. End the self- betrayal and befriend the world.


Compartmentalization (also compartmentalize or come-apart-mental-lies). Segregation and delineation of aspects of our awareness, producing a lack of integration, synchronization, harmony, and flow in our life. Compartmentalization of our spiritual journey occurs when anything we consider spiritual is siphoned off from other various facets of our experienced reality. Any delineation made between spiritual and practical—or between […]