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Open Heart. True Authentic Desires as Catalysts for Creation.

Open Heart~When we open the field of the heart and allow for True Authentic Desires to become our focus for germination, the manifestation process and its natural order have already begun. Open. Intuitively sense or viscerally feel the possibility of your heart’s dream emerging as creation. True Authentic Desires are timeless transformative treasures of alchemical […]

Fluid Boundaries–Liquid Light and Choice with Discernment

Fluid Boundaries–Liquid Light and Choice with Discernment  (Field 110) “Yes, we are all One in a unified field. Yes, it is incredibly useful and empowering to also have boundaries. Within boundaries, grace abounds. Within boundaries, we come to know ourselves in relation to . . . everything. Hooray for boundaries! Consider the beautiful question, How […]

Books are Fun and So Is Gratitude. Thank you!

“Books are Fun to read, read, read…” as I shared in the opening line of a poem written when I was six years old. I am delighted and humbled in gratitude today. Thank you to everyone for helping to make Little Book of Big Potentials (LBOBP) the #1 Book in Energy Healing for Print edition in one day, #1 Book in […]

Going Barefoot…

“Whom would we be without our titles? When we cease to identify with the labels that often limit us, define us, and occasionally refine us, what remains? Perhaps drop the titles (and even entitlement) and meet the you that is really you, a unique expression of universal consciousness, an individual unlike anyone the world has […]

Hooray Day! LBOBP is now available…

Hooray Day Today!!!! ‘Little Book of Big Potentials: 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy in Everyday Life’ is Now Available on Kindle version One Day Early! Print Version will be available in the next few days. Order Kindle Now and stay tuned for Print by this weekend. http://www.amazon.com/Little-Book-Big-Potentials-Fulfillment-ebook/dp/B011N13560/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436976409&sr=8-1&keywords=little+book+of+big+potentials

Listen to the silence

Life has a seemingly unpredictable cadence. Yet when we listen to the silence between the notes of our daily experiences, we may hear love orchestrating harmonic order through an eternal rhythm of grace. 

Potential IS Power~

On Potential~ I love the word ‘Potential’ (Potent-All). Derived from the latin word ‘potentia’, meaning ‘power’ the true origin and meaning of the word ‘Potential’ does not imply something latent or dormant, or extrinsically out of reach. The word ‘Potential’ in its truest sense means Power, something inherent and intrinsic to everyone. True Authentic Power […]

Resonance and Revelations

Science itself has been defined as “the state of knowing: knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.” Consider the possibility that much of what has been proven in so-called science may have misunderstanding at its root. A false premise proven true is still false at some level. Perhaps the true–false dichotomy is where science has […]