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PLAY as Friendship~

“Field 118 is a field of True Authentic Friendship, an expression of love. Pure camaraderie. Congruent connection with others is sustained by our sense of completion within ourselves. This Field fosters bonds with others through the art of play. Friendship is the dance of symmetric waves agreeing to share space. Friendship is transparency for the […]

Life Purpose – Love Purpose

Embrace Multi-purposeful Living and Loving~ Wherever we are in our journeys, Field 123 will support greater recognition and resonant expression of our unique soul signatures. We may choose whether to allow our purpose to unfold. This is an unfolding of an inner knowing, that we already are what we wish to become. Field 123 will […]

Command Field Flow ~ Mind Your State

Invitation to PLAY~Come PLAY in the WE Experience and activate True Authentic Power from the field of the Heart as a catalyst for interactive reality creation. Come PLAY in 24 Fields of Love to create Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy as an everyday, every-way experience. Everything is You in relation to…everything in our shared Love […]

Being Conscious of Consciousness

Consider the science of consciousness as not being separate from us but rather as a way of describing us in relation to . . . reality. In the same way a photograph of us is not us, but rather depicts us, science attempts to objectively (or subjectively) depict terrains of reality. Science is not reality. […]

Truth As Clear Reflections

Truth As Clear Reflections~ The field of the heart recognizes the truth of our essential self as love. All other masks, identities, and delusions of confusion do not have the code for entry into the eternal chamber of our unbounded potential. This will not stop us from entering into heart space. Rather, the field of […]

Love IS the Eternal Spiral

Love is the Eternal Spiral~ WE are love eternally spiraling in golden means through waves of grace. The golden mean spiral has no beginning and no end. This spiral is where infinite potential meets infinite expression. This is what WE are. Love IS, and love spins in relation to…itself. Love IS and love spins in […]

Earth as Authenticity ~

Earth as Authenticity~Consider that Earth is true to self always. Mother Nature is authentic (Earth-entic). Earth knows it is WE who do not see ourselves (and therefore Earth) clearly. When we as individuals clean up our personal ecology and return to a state of coherence from within, seeing self as wholly, completely integrated expressions of […]