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Love is Available

Today, put aside your anger, indignation, resentment, jealousy, frustration, betrayal, and fear; put aside anything that separates you from love AND the ones you love. For today, see that no matter what drama is unfolding, beneath the perpetual distractions and confusion, there is always connection; there is always love. Let love be your resonant vibration […]

Synthesis and Integration~

Synthesis is the full recognition and embodiment that spirituality is practicality. Integration of all aspects of consciousness creates a powerful trajectory for transcending the perceived limitations of duality and accessing our full inherent potential.   From the boundless state to the fully formed, from illusion to reality, from wave to particle, it is the embracing […]

Recognition is reclamation~

We are never stuck and we are never powerless. In truth, we do not really need to take our power back from a controlling society, or from relationships gone awry, or retrieve our power from a family that never nurtured us in a way that we felt we needed to be nurtured. Why? The reason […]

Field of the Heart

The field of the heart is where our eternal soul meets the boundaries of our body; where infinite potential merges with finite expression. The field of the heart vectors to a pinpoint for truth where together we may dance with the universe, individually balanced by grace.


“Trust in the universe” we may be told. Yet, it is not enough to only trust in the universe. We must be able to trust in one another, as a reflection of trust in ourselves. For without trust of self or others, there is no connection, community, or collaboration. Without trust, there is no WE […]


Integrity ~ Words, deeds, and actions are all energetic containers for the essence of integrity to flow. Integrity is the skin of the soul, our largest organ and interface (inner-face) that breathes life into all endeavors. When integrity is congested by confusion, deception or manipulation, the flow of integrity is obstructed in all systems of […]


Addiction to drama is false power created as a polarized reaction to feeling powerless. Drama drains our power no matter what role we may be playing back and forth, victim or perpetrator alike. All actors in the drama are directing life force away from the vortex of the heart into the push/pull linear dynamic of […]

Complete Change

If we want complete change, it is not enough to only change our thoughts. We must first focus our awareness in all matters from the heart. As the heart has no polarity, creating from the heart allows for a unified, coherent, and congruent expression of love. From this wholehearted truth as unity, the mind may […]


We can be discouraged or encouraged. Both states require the same amount of bravery; courage to focus on what we do not want as limitation, or courage to open into all that we desire. Do not diss what is possible for that is discouragement. To be encouraged and to en-courage others is to ride the […]