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Resonance and Revelations

Science itself has been defined as “the state of knowing: knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.” Consider the possibility that much of what has been proven in so-called science may have misunderstanding at its root. A false premise proven true is still false at some level. Perhaps the true–false dichotomy is where science has […]

Seeds for Germination~

True Authentic Desires (TADs) well up from the field of the heart. TADs are uncultivated seeds of potential awaiting expression. When TADs are witnessed from within the self, there is a knowingness that transcends understanding. The familiarity of the TAD brings forth a sense of joy and pleasure (play-sure) in the moment the seed is […]

Freedom to Live and Love Now~

If–Then–Never Now Living: Many of us are addicted to If–Then–Never Now Living, a program of contingencies. Our joy, peace, and happiness are incessantly shunted to some moving-target future date based on the parameters of If–Then. Our happiness is contingent upon what may come, not what IS happening. “If I meet a lover, then I will […]

State of Abundance

Declare residency in the state of abundance and live in appreciation. Abundance is not really about money and yet abundance includes money, as the state of abundance is an All-inclusive way of being.

Tides of Joy~

Sometimes our doctor is the ocean and her medicine is the salty waves of grace. There is nothing like a swim in the surf to gain clarity, coherence, and connection with the vast magnificence of this universe, and to let go of what no longer serves us. Float amidst the sea of infinite potential, release […]

Father Love~

Thank you Dad for always reminding me to trust the beauty of inherent intelligence that we all carry from within. Thanks for being a supportive structure when life seems wobbly. Thanks for being and loving me. Happy Pappy’s Day to all father figures everywhere no matter what gender you may embody. Father love is universal.

Reality is Not Really an Illusion ~

A popular meme circulating through the collective consciousness is that reality is an illusion. Is this true? Is reality an illusion? Well, this meme is perhaps true AND not true simultaneously. Reality and the illusion of reality are both true and not true when we realize the universe may be a hologram. Reality is both […]

On Movement~

Consciousness is a joyful experience of actualizing desires to move as an expression of flow. Consciousness for the body is activity and exercise. Recreation is the ability to renew and create. Our creative life force depends on movement of the physical body. Move because it brings you joy!

Relationships: Co-Creation, Unification, and Ripples In The Pond

Thank you WakeUp-World for publishing “Relationships: Co-Creation, Unification, and Ripples In The Pond’ today, excerpted and adapted from ‘M-Joy Practically Speaking’… Stay tuned for my next book ‘Little Book Of Big Potentials’ all about you in relation to…fields of flow, fulfillment, abundance, and joy in every day life, coming super soon this summer on a […]

Let Love Be from a Distance~

People sometimes make choices that may lie beyond our level of understanding. As a result, we may find value in choosing to love them from a distance. By creating space between their particular patterned choices and our personal perspective reality, there is breathing room to let it all be. Letting it all be lets the […]